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Angelic Newborn Baby and Mom Photo Shoot

I am a firm believer in miracles. I believe every baby is a miracle. This precious baby and his mother are double miracles in every sense of the word.

Chelsea was very near her due date when she came down with Covid. When she started having trouble standing up and breathing, she knew she needed to go to the hospital, and fast. When she arrived, they placed her in a room but things continued to worsen. At one point, she had a very strong impression that the baby needed to be born as quickly as possible. Just as she had this impression and shared it with the hospital staff, it became apparent to the nurses that she and the baby were in danger. She was rushed to the operating room where she delivered her beautiful baby boy, Malakai'omafi Tualau John. Chelsea came very near to losing so much blood that she didn't make it, but as she shared her experience with me, I felt as she did, that she was being watched over by angels and her time had not come. Baby Tua spent some time in the NICU but was able to be released. Today, he and Chelsea are healthy and very happy!

I was so excited that Chelsea wanted to be in the pictures and I have to say I am in LOVE with how they turned out. These images show the special connection between Baby Tua and Chelsea. I wanted her to just take a moment to be present with him because he is her last baby. I remember those special moments with my youngest where I just wanted to breathe him in and remember the feeling of rocking him, reading to him, feeding him and spending quiet moments alone with him as my last. I know Chelsea will have many of these moments with him and I hope these images will be a special memory for her.

Chelsea, I am so grateful for the opportunity to capture this very precious time for you and Baby Tua. I enjoyed every moment of this session and I know you will treasure these images for years to come. Snuggle that baby a little longer, Momma! Time passes so quickly.

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