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Autumn San Antonio Temple Wedding

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Allison and I were driving through the park to the location I had previously chosen to take her bridal and first look pictures, but as we looked down a different trail as we passed it, we saw a gorgeous canopy of trees with the sun setting in the distance. We both knew this magical location was exactly where we wanted to stop.

We walked a few paces and started Allison’s bridal pictures while several people on the trail congratulated her and told her how beautiful she looked. It made my heart happy because people, even strangers, are kind and generous, although sometimes it seems everyone is at odds with one another. Allison was bubbling with excitement as she waited for Taylor to arrive and see her in her beautiful dress. He had been sent on a bit of a chase trying to find our location and he was a little behind schedule. She could not wait for him to arrive!

I was oohing and awing over how dreamy her pictures were turning out. Everything was just perfect. The bride was beautiful, the flowers were fantastic, and the sunset was stunning!

A few ladies who passed us on the trail told us that just down the trail was a lovely spot for pictures, so we went to check it out just as Taylor arrived. We loved the location, so I left Allison just around the bend, out of sight of Taylor, and brought him to our location. He shut his eyes as I guided him to the spot where he would see his bride in her dress for the first time. Without meaning to, I built the tension a little too long as I was making sure I got all the shots!

Finally, it was time for Taylor to turn around. As he saw her in her dress, he looked at her with love and tenderness and then swept her up in a sweet embrace. There weren’t a lot of words exchanged, but everything was said in that silence.

Taylor and Allison were sealed the next morning in the San Antonio Temple. Marriages that happen in temples of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints are sacred occasions and are covenants that last beyond this life. I always feel such a beautiful spirit on the temple grounds as I await the couple’s first introduction as husband and wife.

Taylor and Allison were full of joy and light as they exited the temple doors. Family and friends offered congratulatory hugs and shared in their joy. It was clear that they have a lot of people who love them and are so excited for them and their future.

In the relatively short amount of time I spent with Taylor and Allison, I could see that they are very down-to-earth people who love to have fun and don’t take themselves too seriously. Allison jokes about the first time she Facetimed him. She had just finished mowing the lawn and was sweaty and tired. She decided she was fine with that, and it seems that Taylor was, too!

I am so excited to stay connected to you as you begin your journey together! You have the kind of steady and grounded relationship that will serve you well in marriage and in life. Congratulations and may life bring you both so much joy!

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