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Awesome Senior Aspiration Photo Shoot at the JW Marriott

I love photographing people that I know, especially teenagers I’ve known since before they were teens!

Gabe is the same age as my own son and it has been such a blessing to witness the responsible and caring young man he has become.

Gabe is finishing high school through a dual enrollment program with Liberty University, and will work until he serves a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints next Fall or Winter.

I like to ask parents about their kids and invite them to tell me anything they’d like to share. Gabe's Mom told me that he has been a huge blessing to her the past few years, making sure she and his younger siblings are taken care of and shouldering many responsibilities. I have personally seen him watch out for his siblings in such a caring way.

Besides dating and working, Gabe has played the tuba in band and is also the Dungeon Master in his Dungeons and Dragons games with his friends. Clearly I’m not qualified to describe that but it sounds like he is the game maker!

When Gabe returns from his missionary service he plans to attend BYU and eventually study law to become a judge. Keep those high aspirations, Gabe! You have so much ahead of you and I know you’ll be successful!

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