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Basketball Goals Senior Session at the Cibolo Nature Center

Dreams are what life is made of, especially as a high school senior, just a step away from college and the opportunities it holds. Kaleb, a 6'4" Senior from Fredericksburg (a beautiful small town just a few hours from San Antonio) is poised and ready to follow those dreams as he decides which college to attend so that he can continue to pursue his love of basketball.

Kaleb is the star player of the Fredericksburg High School basketball team. It is evident when looking at his list of achievements, that he is a dedicated and hard-working young man! He was named the district MVP Offensive Player of the year and he also made All-Region, which is an accomplishment that not a lot of athletes achieve. To add to his list of accolades, Kaleb is number two for all times points made in a year in the history of Fredericksburg High School!

As I got to know Kaleb a little bit on this beautiful Spring morning, I observed that he is a soft-spoken and well-mannered young man. I could see that he and his mom have a special connection and he is a kind older brother to his four younger siblings. Being the oldest can be a tough job, but he handles it very well and it was obvious that his siblings look up to him, literally and figuratively!

Besides being an awesome son, older brother and basketball player, Kaleb enjoys fishing and welding in his free time. Both pastimes that will serve him well in life when he wants to enjoy downtime or build something with those welding skills. He plans to pursue a degree in construction management as he attends college. He is currently waiting to see which college will give him the best offer before he chooses where to attend. I'm predicting he will have a tough decision to make, but no matter where he attends, he will do amazing things!

Congratulations, Kaleb! Great things are in store!

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