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Beautiful in Blue Hill Country Family Session

Some of you may remember this beautiful family from my Instagram post last October! I am always so excited to be able to capture families each year as they grow. As moms we don't like to see them grow too fast but recording the progress is the fun part for me.

I met Annalize when our boys were in the same class at school and then we discovered we lived in the same neighborhood. I was always so impressed with her oldest son because he rode his bike to school every singe day, come rain or shine! This was an extremely impressive feat because school starts at 7:30 here, so he had to be diligent in getting up and ready on time. For a fourth grader, that showed a lot of discipline!

The two youngest are twins and I just loved seeing their personalities play out during pictures. They are each unique but also both pretty adventurous. There was a huge stack of tree trimmings near where we were taking pictures and each of them was eager to explore it, dress clothes or not! I love seeing kids enjoy being outdoors and discovering the beauty and fun of it all!

Annalize and Jacques, you are a beautiful couple, inside and out, and you have such a beautiful family. I have enjoyed getting to know you and your kids over the past few years. Thank you for the opportunity to capture these fleeting years as your kids grow into amazing big kids (and adults! I hate to even say it, but having an adult child already the time really does go too quickly!)

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