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Beautiful JW Marriott Maternity Session

Joel and Hakima are about to be parents!!! I can attest to how wonderful they will be because they got to parent my own son this past Spring. Back in March, the youth of our church went on a three-day pioneer trek. They were divided up into families of about ten youth with a “Ma” and “Pa” to lead them. My oldest son was lucky enough to be assigned to their family and I have it on good authority that they were pretty amazing at leading a bunch of teenagers on an over twenty-mile hike, and they kept a great attitude through it all. I have a feeling Joel and Hakima will prefer parenting their new baby girl over nearly a dozen teenagers. If they can survive that, they can survive anything!

I met this amazing couple almost exactly a year ago when they asked me to capture the day they were sealed in the temple. I could see what an amazing couple they were as soon as I met them. Hakima immediately gave me a huge hug and I could feel her energy and love for life through that hug. I have no doubt her baby girl will be swallowed up by that love the second she is born.

Joel is a bit more reserved, but so kind and thoughtful. He is a steady and calm force, which he showed at Trek with kids who weren’t exactly thrilled to be walking twenty miles and probably weren’t shy about their complaints. He is so attentive to Hakima, and as a dad, I’m sure he will be wrapped around their beautiful baby girl’s finger!

Congratulations to two amazing people! Joel and Hakima, I know you will be the best parents and your baby girl will bring you so much joy!

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