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Beautiful Senior Session at the Guadalupe River


Avary has had an amazing and busy high school experience! She’s ready for the next step and has big plans for her future.

     Avary has been involved in high school track and cross country and really enjoyed the many benefits of running. Besides being super fit, she made great friends and has awesome memories from her experiences.


Along with her love of running, Avary has a love for singing. She was in two high school choirs, one which was a women’s acapella choir.       

It’s hard to imagine how she had time to study with all of her extra-curricular activities, but she definitely made good use of her study time and has been accepted to Brigham Young University and will be attending this fall.

     Utah will be a great place for Avary to live because she loves being outdoors. She’ll put her love of rock climbing to good use because there are beautiful mountains there for outdoor enthusiasts!

     Avary plans to pursue a degree in nursing once she goes to college. I have no doubt she will be able to accomplish her goals and have fun along the way.

     Her parents expressed their feelings about Avary saying, “We are so thankful for all the opportunities she’s had and we’re excited for those yet to come.” I'm sure her brothers and parents will miss her when she moves away, but they’ll be cheering her on and looking forward to her visits throughout the year. Congratulations, Avary!

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