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Bluebonnets and Sunshine Photo Session

Last year in March, Lizzy had scheduled a Bluebonnet Session with me. We were both so excited for that yearly opportunity to enjoy a Texas treasure. As we all know, last March was a bit of a crazy month when everything shut down abruptly! My Bluebonnet Sessions had to be canceled and I was mourning the loss of that opportunity all year. I was so grateful that things were much more back to normal this year and Lizzy could get her session.

Lizzy is a talented musician and has played in the Johnson High School Marching Band for three years. It is not a light commitment by any means. The band students start practicing in the middle of summer and dedicate hours upon hours of their time to the band until their competition season is over. They are up early and go to bed late. Any student who participates is dedicated and hard-working, and Lizzy is 110% both of those things!

Lizzy is also a youth leader in her church organization - The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She sits on a committee with over 15 young women and men and they plan activities, youth camps, and spiritual opportunities for over 300 youth in our area! She takes her commitments and assignments very seriously and is such a great example of love and service to everyone around her.

It is obvious to see that Lizzy is a shining light! I hope we get one more opportunity to enjoy the Bluebonnets, Lizzy, before you head off to college and your future. You are an amazing young woman and I've been blessed by your example!

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