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Burgandy and Blue San Antonio Temple Wedding

Christina and Sam had a gorgeous August wedding. If you've ever been to Texas in August, you know the heat is oppressive, but these two were as cool and collected as a Spring day. It was so easy to capture the love and adoration the two of them have for each other just with a quick glance at these beautiful wedding day pictures.

Christina and I met virtually several months before to discuss the details of her wedding day. She was very down-to-earth and laid back about what she was hoping for. I was intrigued when she told me that Sam would be making her bouquet...out of metal! This was definitely the first time I had heard of a metal bouquet, not to mention that her fiancé would be making it! It was beautifully made, as well as unique!

Christina and Sam are so easy-going and absolutely full of love and laughter. It was so fun to watch them as they interacted during their first hour of being a married couple! That is one of my favorite parts of being a wedding photographer - watching two people become one and bask in the newness and excitement of the beginning of their life together. I have no doubt that Sam and Christina have many adventures, joy and love ahead of them. Congratulations to both of you!

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