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Celebration Photoshoot at the JW Marriott

I don't typically write a whole blog about a headshot session, but this one was more of a celebration and it was extra fun to photograph. There are so many amazing things about Emily that I don't know where to start. She is an extremely hard worker and started her own successful website business. She is talented, intelligent, and creative and has amazing daughters with the same characteristics.

Emily has always loved to travel and is very adventurous. She has been all over the United States and to Europe. In fact, I have wished, on more than one occasion, that she would adopt me into her family! She and her family have so much fun!

This past year, Emily has become adventurous in the outdoors. She has biked, paddle-boarded, hiked, and pretty much done all the outdoor things! It's fun to follow her on Instagram and see all of the places she and her family are enjoying together. Through it all, I have watched Emily become more energetic and healthy and her energy is contagious.

Emily, I am so excited to continue to watch your adventures! And next time you go to Europe, I'm hiding in your luggage!

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