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D and D Master Senior Session at The Pearl

One thing that I gathered from Isaac's Senior Session is that he is ready for graduation! With only a little over a week to go I can imagine that he, along with all the seniors out there, is feeling the excitement and anticipation of it all!

Isaac is a quiet and laid back kind of guy who smiles easily and doesn't take himself too seriously. He is also pretty fun to photograph because he is not camera shy at all. In fact, I would say he's extremely comfortable being photographed, which made my job incredibly easy!

In keeping with his laid back personality, Isaac is planning on taking a gap year before attending school at Texas A&M University to work a little and study the Norwegian language. If you have ever seen the Norwegian in writing, it's not an easy language to learn and I'm sure Isaac will love the challenge and rise to the occasion. I may secretly learn a few phrases and try and have a conversation with him in a year!

Isaac has kept himself busy in high school by working at Arby's and hitting the gym. On top of that Isaac is also a Dungeon Master in Dungeons and Dragons. It seems to be a pretty popular game and from what I am learning that being a D and D Master takes a lot of work and the game depends on you! This is a position that Isaac seems to enjoy and excels at in his free time.

Time is winding down and I'm so excited for Isaac and his future plans! Congratulations, Isaac!

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