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Dreamy December Family Photography Session

Is it February already? I don’t know where the past two months went. I guess I’m having too much fun!I definitely had a ton of fun with this stinking awesome family! I can’t even remember how little these e kids were when I first moved to Texas and met Tom and Maria, but it’s been a few years! All I know is that it feels like I blinked and they all pretty much turned into adults. Crazy how that happens!

Maria has been a dear friend and she is so patient with me when I try using my Spanish with her, which I’ve been doing for almost twelve years! She’s a safe place to practice and she has come to my rescue many times, including the time I thought it would be a great idea to teach my kids Spanish (toughest crowd ever!). She is also such an inspiring momma. She loves her kids fiercely and supports them in everything they do.

Which leads me to how awesome her kids are! The girls are amazing athletes who both can kick some butt at soccer. Her one and only son is an amazing musician and, just to brag on him for a minute, he earned a scholarship to college for it! They are all driven and amazing and they fight for what they believe in, in word and action. Just like their parents!

Tom and Maria, it was such a treat to spend the evening with you, capturing these amazing photographs of your beautiful family!

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