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Effortless Beauty and Lofty Goals Senior Session at Confluence Park

Isabella is a natural in front of the camera and was so easy to work with and fun to get to know! She was a very busy high school student with a lot of interests and goals and it shows. I say it all the time, but I don't know how these students fit everything into a day!

Isabella was into many different activities in school, including being a setter for her high school volleyball team and playing flute in the band. I love that she pursued interests in sports as well as music and I'm sure it made her a well-rounded individual.

Her high school classes included being on the yearbook staff. She took pictures for the yearbook and put pages together to create a very well-thought-out yearbook, not to mention enormous! Everything is bigger in Texas, including high school yearbooks and it is a testament to her hard work that she was a part of something so well-done!

Besides participating in sports, music and schoolwork, she enjoys baking and painting her nails. I just learned she is the youngest in her family and has three older brothers, so having some time to herself to pursue her hobbies and have some alone time is important! (Having five boys I feel I can speak on this subject!)

Last but not least, Isabella was an officer in HOSA, a club for students interested in pursuing a degree in health occupations. She will attend Utah State University and earn a degree in nursing. She plans to become a labor and delivery nurse and at a future date, become an advanced nurse practitioner. Those are amazing and lofty goals and I'm 100% sure Isabella will reach them!

Congratulations, Isabella! You have a bright future ahead of you!

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