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Energetic Family Photo Shoot at the JW Marriott

I have really enjoyed watching this family grow over the past few years. They youngest was just a baby in his dad's arms when we had our first session together and this time he literally outran me! Luckily, the older children helped me catch a few pictures of him while we played a little game of jumping up and down! I've learned that's a fun way to get a little one's attention, especially when you pause at the bottom of your hop and see how high you can jump... which is also great exercise!

Amber and Josh are always in such good spirits for family pictures, and I love their happy, easy-going attitudes! Their children are great at smiling for the camera, even the littlest one. Towards the end he saw his older brother sitting on the rocks and being such a big boy getting his picture taken that he plopped himself down and put on the biggest grin for me. It was perfect!

On another note, I think I need to hire Amber to pick out my family's attire for our next family photo shoot! She does such an amazing job mixing colors and outfits together and they always look amazing! It is not an easy task but she has a talent for it!

Amber and Josh, it was such a fun and beautiful Spring evening with you and your family! Your kids are so sweet and well-behaved that it is a pleasure to take their pictures and I look forward to the next session! And Happy Belated Birthday, Amber! I hope you had a wonderful day with your amazing family!

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