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Ethereal Evening Baptism Photo Session

Sometimes the light on a Spring evening creates magic in a picture. Libby's sun kissed hair and flowing dress gave her session an ethereal feel, and coupled with her beautiful baptism dress, she looks like a princess on an enchanted evening!

When Miriam contacted me to photograph Libby for her baptism and also to capture a few pictures of her brother, Johnny, I jumped at the chance. These two were just tiny when we moved to our new neighborhood and I just didn't see them very often. They are both such amazing kids and I knew we would have a fun evening.

Sometimes siblings are not very excited to have their pictures taken together, but these two are very close and were more than cooperative. As all siblings do, they had a few moments of razzing each other, but as I've observed my own children, that's how they show they love each other, too!

I could tell just from our brief session that Libby is a go-getter and, as the youngest and only girl of four children, she knows how to hold her ground. I asked Libby's mom about Libby and her talents and personality and I felt like her words were a perfect description and a little bit of a love note so I decided to include them in their entirety. She said, "Libby is always on the go. She loves to make videos, create artwork, spam her friends’ moms and set up play dates. She is surprisingly competent for such a little girl, very observant and to the point. She loves to ice skate and do swim team. She is universally spoiled and adored in our home." I couldn't have said it better!

Whenever I see Johnny in passing at church, he always has a smile on his face and I have observed that he is always a gentleman. He and his mom have a sweet relationship and I love how he watches out for her. Again, Miriam's words are much more powerful here than anything I could say. She said, "Johnny is super friendly and loves to play with friends. He is very positive, and he can play and have fun with anyone, young or old. He plays the piano and is on swim team and he’s learning Russian."

I loved spending a short time with Miriam, Johnny and Libby. It touched my heart to have them include their dad, who is watching over them from heaven, in their session. He is definitely a part of their everyday lives and thoughts.

Congratulations, Libby on your baptism! I'm so excited for you and this important decision in your life. I'm excited to watch Johnny and Libby grow into amazing young adults and accomplish great things!

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