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Evening Genuine Texas Hill Country Photoshoot

I love meeting new people! Miranda found me through Instagram after her previous photographer changed jobs and she said she felt my style was perfect for their family. And boy am I so glad she found me because this family session was just heavenly!

Miranda, Ryan, and their family came ready for fun, because why even bother with dressing up, driving to a remote location, and sweating in the heat if you're not going to have fun?! Her kiddos chatted with me about whatever popped into their heads at the moment, which always makes for the best conversations! They each were ready and willing to jump in front of the camera for their moment in the spotlight. My favorite moment was when Miranda's daughter picked her a flower, just because. I love that children notice what's around them and do something that turns that moment into a memory.

I love the beautiful way each member of the family fits together, kind of like their beautiful but individual outfits (Miranda, can you come choose my family's clothing for our next photoshoot?) Miranda and Ryan have that almost newly married vibe between them and their kids each have a unique personality and relationship with each other and their parents. Like truly curious kids, they each were intrigued by the crop duster that flew by in the middle of our session, which made for some fun pictures with the kids looking off into the distance. I hope they always stay curious!

Ryan and Miranda, thank you for a fun September evening that reminded me to always stay curious and cherish small moments with my too-grown-up kids. You have an amazing family and I am so glad I got the opportunity to capture this moment in time for you!

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