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Fabulous Fall Family Session at Bracken Village

Every time I have a session with Justin and Whitney’s family, I know it’s going to be a good time. We have been friends since we moved to San Antonio eleven years ago, so I have seen their children grow into the wonderful adults (and almost-adults) they have become. I have only known their cousin, Amanda, for a few years but she fits right into the family and is so fun to work with!

I joked that I felt like I was taking pictures for the cover of a music album when I took these pictures, but it’s true! They all pretty much killed this session and I’m dying over their amazing sense of style and mix of colors. They took one of the hardest parts of planning for family pictures (and by “they” I’m pretty sure this was mostly Whitney) and nailed it!

One of my favorite parts of hanging with this family is that everyone has such a great sense of humor. Hayden, Ethan, Sam and Amanda are so fun and are always up for whatever I throw at them. Obviously, they have natural poise and camera presence, so I don’t have to do much to get some gorgeous pictures of them, but I’m always grateful they find my lame jokes and comments slightly amusing. I don’t mind being humored every now and then.

I try hard to get some dreamy backlighting in most, if not all of my sessions, and discovering that little picket fence with the light giving them that beautiful glow was a huge win for me. It’s a new favorite spot! Those are some of my favorite shots from their session.

It's hard to believe these kids are the same ones who made a “water zoo” at the river around ten years ago for a bunch of younger kids to enjoy. Or who made it into the local newspaper on their first day of Kindergarten because it was so hard to say goodbye to Mom. Or, who had a Lego club once a week with my own grown son.

I don’t know where the time goes but I know it goes. I think that’s what makes my job so rewarding. I get to capture a moment in time for families as they watch the years go by. Thank you, Justin and Whitney, for the opportunity to do this for you and your beautiful family!

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