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Fall Family Fun at Bracken Village

I am so glad to know that I’m not out of my element with girls. I love dressing up, make-up, and all the frilly things, so this session made my day! Each of these little girls was so precious and fun to work with after being with my own boys (whom I love dearly but aren’t eager to talk about nail polish and dresses. Go figure)!

I got to know Shauna in the Spring when I took her oldest daughter’s baptism pictures. She is the perfect girl mom. She’s so sweet and gentle with her girls and I can see the sweet bond they share. I guess I cannot stress enough how I love having a little girl time! I also love watching dads interact with their daughters and Rodney was about as relaxed with them as they come. Knowing that family pictures aren’t always the most fun experience for dads, he was right on board and as calm as day.

Another thing I noticed about these girls is how attentive and responsive they were. Each one was ready and willing to have her picture taken and follow my prompts. They have wonderful manners, a testament to the great parents they have. Of course, they weren’t without their silly moments and plenty of giggles. If we’re not giggling at a session, I’m not doing my job!

Rodney and Shauna, you have such a precious family! Thank you for letting me steal a little girl time – it was so much fun!

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