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Family and Graduation Celebration Photoshoot

First things first, I want to say congratulations to this amazing graduate! Shandra has been working on her Masters of Education for the past four years in clinical health and is now a national certified counselor. I remember when she started this journey and we were doing a pre-school coop with our babies (we both have a little one that came a little later than the first four children). It's so amazing to see all of her hard work culminate after so many years of studying and sacrificing. I have been inspired by her!

I have known Jason and Shandra and their family for almost five years now, but we hadn't seen each other for a little while because of Covid and, well, life! So, getting to spend an hour with them, laughing and catching up on how college is going for the girls was a real treat. The girls were in high school when we met and now they are both in college! Where does the time go? So far, they are both enjoying college life and balancing work and play.

The boys have just grown up right before my eyes. The older boys are growing into handsome and bright young men and the youngest is as sweet and loved on as ever and is now officially a first-grader! It doesn't seem like it could be that long ago that we were singing pre-school songs and making crafts in pre-school together, but it's true - time just flies!

Jason and Shandra have always made their home a fun place to gather with friends and their kids' friends. They have had more people than I can count sharing pie and having a fun time in their living room and kitchen (before Covid ruined the fun) they've thrown some pretty epic birthday parties for her teenage kids. Shandra once threw a Disney-themed mystery dinner with at least a dozen or more teenagers and they had a blast. I had to up my game after that because my son was at the party and had some pretty high expectations!

Jason and Shandra, thank you for allowing me to capture this time in your lives, celebrating Shandra's graduation and the moment in time with your kiddos. I look forward to seeing all the great times and accomplishments in your future!

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