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Fantastic Family and Missionary Photo Shoot

I have a hard time believing it's been over a year since Joanne and Tyler got married! Over a year ago I photographed this amazing family AND Joanne and Tyler's wedding. This year, we included Jessica's mission pictures! She is now Sister Long and is serving in the Ogden, Utah Mission, not far from where I grew up!

If there is one over-arching characteristic of this family, it is that they truly love being around each other and making each other laugh! Sometimes when I photograph a family with older kids, they're not super excited about wrapping their arms around each other for the "give each other a squeeze" shot, but this family never hesitates to show that they love each other. It makes for a playful and easy session and the images turn out with a very fun feeling.

Kim and Gary are exceptional parents and they have obviously worked hard at teaching their children to work hard, be respectful, and love everyone. Each and every one of their children have educational and personal goals and they are working hard to accomplish them.

They are an example to a huge number of families in the San Antonio area and they each serve tirelessly in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Gary has a very heavy load to bear, but I have never seen him without a smile or a word of encouragement. Kim has been a seminary teacher for the past few years for youth in the area. She is able to share her immense knowledge of the scriptures and testimony of Jesus Christ with teenagers who have the opportunity to take four years of seminary. Kim does an amazing job and taught my oldest son, who loved her class. These two are absolutely amazing and generous with their time and have made a difference for so many people.

Thank you, Gary and Kim, for letting me capture yet another milestone for your family! You are amazing examples and all that you do is appreciated!

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