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Fantastic Family of Fourteen Texas Hill Country Session

It's not often I walk away from a session feeling as inspired as I was on this evening in November. I was tired, but inspired! When Heather contacted me to inquire about photographing her family, she explained they were adopting six children and it might be a bit of a challenge. I have five children and have shot groups as big as thirty so I was so up for the challenge. Plus, I wanted to meet this inspiring family!

Jamie and Heather, along with all of their kids and grandparents were such a joy to work with! Their four oldest children were such big helpers as we started taking individual pictures of each child. Considering that the youngest six children are under the age of five, I needed all hands on deck to get those gorgeous smiles! My husband even came along to hold the reflector and do a little entertaining behind me. Every little bit counted and I couldn't be happier with how everything turned out.

Heather and Jamie are truly angels on earth and they found six other little angels to add to their family. Each one of their children is so full of personality and enthusiasm (honestly there was only one little guy who wasn't really thrilled with me, so one out of ten ain't bad!) and the older kids were so helpful in getting their personalities to shine through. This family definitely has an "all in" mentality and each and every one of them was a pleasure to work with.

So, to Jamie, Heather and the the rest of your amazing family, thank you for allowing me to capture such a beautiful and blessed occasion for you. You are the kind of people who bring joy to those around you and inspire others to do the same. My deepest admiration and love goes out to you all!

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