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Golden Evening Texas Hill Country Family Photo Shoot

I have been on vacation for the past few weeks and I love that the family I'm starting with is the family that gave me their best tips on navigating Universal Studios before I left! This is a family after my own heart because they LOVE to travel and they are always on a fun adventure. I'm actually thinking they need to adopt me so I can join them!

I took Rick and Vanessa's family pictures a year and a half ago but my brain insisted it was last year. I'm sure many of you have had the same problem this past year! I was so excited when I discovered that Rick and Vanessa have a new son-in-law as Gabi got married last December! It's a fun stage when your family starts to grow through marriage and I'm sure the fun increases as well. Every time I'm around them, they are always having a good time and joking with each other. It's all in good-hearted fun and makes for some very fun pictures!

Last time I visited this family in their home, I noticed a wall where they hang the many awards and accomplishments each of them have achieved. It is a very full wall and each of their children works hard at all they do! Even Rick and Vanessa have some pretty great awards hanging up.

We had such a fun time during this session with a lot of good laughs. I always love to catch up with families each year as they grow, accomplish new things and change! Thank you, Vanessa and Rick for all the great vacation tips and for letting me capture your family throughout the years!

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