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Gorgeous Johnson High Senior Session at the JW Marriott

It's hard to describe an amazing senior like Izzy in one sentence. Her talent and beauty are completely apparent, and what is even more apparent are her confidence, kindness, and inner sense of purpose.

This year isn't quite what the Senior class of 2021 ever imagined their senior year would look like. Izzy is no different, but she is taking it in stride. When I asked her about how virtual school is going this year, she responded with a smile and nonchalance that everything is going great and it hasn't been too challenging. She is resilient and making the most of her time!

Izzy is on the tennis team at Johnson and sings in the Johnson Choir as well. No doubt she is an asset to the team and choir because of her steady personality and the positivity she carries with her. She's the kind of person who puts forth her best effort at anything she does, and she keeps a smile while doing it!

Izzy hasn't decided which school she will attend next year, but wherever she goes she will definitely make the most of it. I've known Izzy for several years and taking her Senior pictures was such a privilege and absolute delight! These images capture her easy-going side, but also her inner and outer beauty.

Izzy, keep shining your light! I know you'll have a memorable senior year and I can't wait to see where the future takes you!

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