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Gorgeous San Antonio Engagement Session

Alana and Antonio are a couple I can only describe as full of joy, laughter and love - for life and for each other! They are both very down-to-earth and I'm not sure anyone would ever be able to catch Alana without a smile. Her beautiful smile and laughter are infectious and you can't help but be happy when you're in her presence. Antonio is quiet, kind, and completely smitten with Alana, of course!

I met Alana and Antonio on a gorgeous summer day when the light was perfectly situated to give them a golden glow that only reflected their inner light! As always, summer in San Antonio is hot and humid which can sometime put a damper on a photo session, but it was no match for the excitement and happiness shared by this gorgeous couple.

I asked Alana how they met and I couldn't retell her story better than she has already done. So, in her words, this is the story of how they met.

"Antonio and I attended the same church for a number of years . In high school, we knew of one another’s existence, but we were never formally introduced. In 2019, I graduated high school and got plugged into our church’s college ministry. Antonio had already been a part of the college ministry for about two years at the time. The summer following my graduation, the college ministry hosted a weekend retreat. Against my wishes ( lol), my brother dragged me to the retreat. I did not go there with any intention of meeting anyone- especially my future spouse- but God had an amazing plan at work! On one of the nights of the retreat, a mutual friend of Antonio and I officially introduced us to one another and got us talking. I wish I could easily say the rest was history, but it took a while for us (me, lol) to come to the point of starting a relationship. We didn’t start dating until nearly two years after that meeting. Although, I didn’t think much of it at the time, that retreat would mark one of the best days of my entire life because I met the one God created for me! "

I also believe God puts many things into motion to give us the opportunity to find true happiness, and I am so excited for Alana and Antonio to begin their life together. I have no doubt it will full of smiles and laughter! Congratulations to you both!

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