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Gorgeous Senior Session at The Pearl

Avery is simply stunning! She says she's not usually one to wear high heels but she rocked this session with high heels and confidence that I wish I could bottle! Avery is a very down-to-earth young woman with many talents and a serene personality to boot. Spending the morning with her and her mother was an absolute dream and I could not be happier with the way her session turned out!

This Smithson Valley High School graduate is an amazing athlete. Avery plays for the Diamond Legacy Fast Pitch softball team and through her academic and athletic hard work, she secured a scholarship to play softball for Odessa College. Keeping up with school work and playing competitive sports is a delicate balance that requires diligence and commitment, and Avery has displayed both and has been appropriately rewarded!

Avery has an interest in exercise science and plans to become a physical therapist when she completes her education. Just getting to know her for the short amount of time we were together, I can see that Avery has the intelligence and determination to accomplish her goals! She is a well-rounded individual with a bright future!

On a personal note, as I observed Avery interact with her mom, I was very impressed with their relationship. It was obvious that they are very close and that they have a mutual love for each other that will be a blessing to each of them along the pathways of life.

Congratulations, Avery! I know you will be successful in life as you keep your eye focused on your future!

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