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Gorgeous Texas Evening Family Session

One of the reasons I love Texas so much is that you can get a beautiful evening like this in the middle of November. Don't get me wrong, a year ago almost to the date this session was taken, I did a session and it was freezing! I was so glad for the gorgeous evening this year since you never know what you're going to get in 2020!

Again, there is so much I could say about this awesome family. As I've gotten to know them over the past few years, I have been so impressed at how much they give! Kristen is the PTA president at the elementary school and she has put so much love into giving her all to the school, especially during the pandemic this past year. She has definitely made a difference to the students and parents who have been looking for a little bit of normalcy. Thank you, Kristen, for all you do!

Travis and Kristen and their kids are always a pleasure to hang with at a session. It often makes my job feel more like fun gatherings with friends rather than work because we get to have a lot of fun! Their children are pretty much every photographer's dream as far as how sweet and happy they are to have their pictures taken! I often have little conversations with kids as I pull them aside for their pictures and they were great at answering questions and humoring my jokes!

Travis and Kristen, I hope you have a wonderful new year and that all the good you send out into the world comes right back to you. You definitely deserve it!

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