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Guitar Vibes Hayes Street Bridge Senior Session

There's something extremely rewarding but also very daunting about writing about my own child because I know all the amazing things this young man has done since the day he was born. How do I fit it all in and express all the gratitude and wonder that I feel as I reflect on the past 17 1/2 years? I've had some time to ponder on what I would say, so I'll just start from the beginning.

In true Garrett fashion, Garrett made his appearance into this world ten days early and with a palpable tenacity that seemed to say, "Come on, let's get going!" He was born with a determined, inquisitive spirit, and an extremely tender heart. As a toddler, he brightened the room with his smile and contagious laughter as he wrestled with his brother who was three years older but no match for Garrett's intense spirit (once knocking his brother flat on his back as they were running around the house and ran into each other).

Despite their good-natured monkeying around, they were the best of friends and even as Garrett gained three younger brothers, he was quick to share what he had so that others could be happy. That characteristic never changed as even today he includes his younger brothers in his activities, friendships and interests. This past year Garrett formed a band and the first member was his younger brother who had started teaching himself guitar and drums. The music comes naturally to Garrett and he has been an amazing mentor to his brother as they learn new songs and perform to audiences.

From a very young age, Garrett excelled at anything he put his mind to and teachers expressed gratitude for the Gifted and Talented Program at school to provide him with the challenges he needed to stay engaged in learning. Outside of the classroom, Garrett loves making things happen such as planning and running the games for his little brother's birthday party or researching, buying and putting together drones from scratch. He also started his own t-shirt company, designing the images, creating a website and making and sending the shirts to his customers. He always dreams big and works hard to accomplish his goals.

Garrett has also been an amazing athlete. He played flag football when he was in elementary school and was constantly pulling flags, making touch downs and encouraging his teammates. He played basketball and football in middle school, but found a challenge that kept him on his toes when he started pole vaulting in 7th grade. He holds the middle school record for the highest vault and worked hard the last three years in high school, starting as a varsity pole vaulter as a freshman. He double lettered in track and had high goals this year, but he injured his spine and will no longer be able to compete.

Music has become Garrett's true passion in the past few years. He started playing piano as a 4-year-old, then taught himself guitar and played the saxophone in the middle school Honors Band. When Garrett started high school, he joined choir and became a member of the varsity choir, Cantare, and a member of the show choir at Johnson High School. During this time, he has developed a love for singing, composing music, playing the guitar and piano, and recreating songs he hears from music artists.

Garrett surprised us on the first day of his Junior year by announcing that he had found a way to graduate early. With a lot of help from his school counselor, he is accomplishing just that by taking online courses after school so that he can attend BYU this fall in hopes of being accepted into the music program and majoring in commercial music.

Amid all of these accomplishments, Garrett earned the rank of Eagle Scout, served in many church callings, and currently serves as the Co-Chair of a committee that plans and implements activities for over 300 youth in the Hill Country area. He has many demands on his time, but he is able to prioritize things that are most important and strives to do his best with everything else. Garrett will attend a few semesters of college and then serve a full-time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

As a mother, there is no greater joy than seeing your children become adults and go out into the world to accomplish their goals. It is also hard to let go, but Garrett has always done everything with full purpose of heart. I have no doubt he will accomplish his goals and much more as he steps into the big wide world. Go get 'em- Garrett!

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