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Hill Country Engagement Session

I am so excited to share Taylor and Allison’s engagement session! They held hands and laughed while sharing their story and sweetly took turns telling their version of what happened. It reminded me of how my husband and I talk about reliving the day we met and how fun it would be to be a bystander, observing all the nuances of what brought us together that day over 20 years ago! But I digress, this is about Taylor and Allison!

A few years ago, they were matched on Mutual, a dating app for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. After a few months of back and forth, their efforts to connect petered out for reasons which vary depending on who you talk to. Fast forward a few years to the beginning of the COVID pandemic; they were matched again! It only took a worldwide plague to get these two where they belong – together!

Allison drove out from Houston where she works in Human Resources to meet Taylor in San Antonio. He is stationed in San Antonio and is a percussionist in the Air Force, which is a pretty awesome job! It didn’t take long before they decided fate (in the form a dating app) had brought them together again and they were ready for the next step on their path in life.

Taylor and Allison have such a fun energy and bond that makes being around them so relaxing. It wasn’t hard to get a natural laugh or genuine look of adoration out of either of them. They are a joyful, kind-spirited, and down-to-earth couple and I’m so excited for their wedding day!

One of the highlights of their session was their adorable dog named Sadie. She was a perfect combination of sweetness and obedience as we worked her into the pictures. They did admit that Taylor isn’t much of a dog person, but between Sadie’s sweet temperament and Taylor’s love for Allison, Taylor has become a fan of Sadie. After all, marriage is all about a little give and take.

Congratulations, Taylor and Allison! I’m so excited for your future together!

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