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Hill Country Family and Senior Photo Shoot

I love when I get to take family pictures and senior pictures at the same time! As the evening approached on this evening at the end of December, I was pleading with the weather to hold off until after our session to let the rain fall. Thankfully, it obliged and we got some amazing pictures of Eugene, Angie and their gorgeous family!

First things first, can we talk about these awesome and handsome boys?! I loved seeing the two of them interact during the shoot and you can tell what a sweet relationship they have. I see a little brother who looks up to and admires his big brother in so many ways. And I see a big brother who looks out for his little brother and might even like hanging out with him juuuust a little bit. That's the impression I got and I see it reflected in these images. It's definitely a special relationship.

Julian is a graduating senior at Smithson Valley High School and after spending just a short time with him during this session, I can tell he is ready for anything after high school. Not to state the obvious, but he worked hard and lettered in baseball and he wears that letterman's jacket well! Julian has a quiet confidence and air of happiness about him that is just fun to be around. He will definitely accomplish anything he puts his mind to as he enters the next phase of his journey and I wish him the best of luck!

The youngest of the family is well on his way to being just as successful and awesome as his older brother. It's hard to beat that look of love and admiration he has for his mom, and his aspirations to grow up to be as tall and as strong as his dad. He is just a little ray of sunshine with a smile that is sure to brighten anyone's day!

Eugene and Angie, thank you so much for letting me capture this special time for your family. You have such wonderful boys and it's a testament to the example and strength you both provide as parents. I know you are both so proud of your boys, and I know you are looking forward to all the amazing things Julian will accomplish after graduation, and keeping that little one little as long as possible. I know it goes by so fast, so enjoy each and every moment!

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