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Hill Country Family Session Goodbye

When I started thinking about what I would say about this family, a flood of memories came back to me. Anne-Marie and I became friends almost ten years ago and I found out she and her family were moving shortly before I took these pictures. This is something I’ve come to dread hearing from my friends and it’s happening way too often! Ok, technically I moved first but it was only a few blocks away, although enough of a move that we didn’t see each other as frequently, but I digress!

I can vividly remember many girls‘ nights out and afternoon lunches, celebrating our friends having babies, or having our own! Anne-Marie started a music makers group when our older kiddos weren’t in school yet, and we had hours of fun snapping and clapping along with our kids. I also remember many afternoons spent at her house because it was so much more cool and fun than mine, with giant indoor playhouses and trampolines and yummy lunches. She always had an open door policy and I probably took advantage of it way too often. She’s the kind of friend you can call in a pinch and she’ll be right there. If I remember correctly, she took my kids one day when we were moving and my boys couldn’t stop talking about her sweet fourth baby girl. They’ve never forgiven me for not providing a baby sister after that!

I could go on and on. It’s been a few years since we’ve gotten together besides playing volleyball on occasion, and her kids have grown up right before my eyes! This shoot was a little bit of a challenge because her oldest son broke his leg in a football game not long before but they pressed on! I’m so glad, because I enjoyed spending one last evening with them!

Johnny and Anne-Marie are amazing parents. Their kids have played all the sports and often during the same season. I was always impressed with their ability to keep up with all the activities with their babies in tow. She’s the kind of mom my kids always wanted!

Johnny and Anne-Marie, I’m grateful you’re still in Texas! I look forward to seeing your family though Facebook and I have a hope we may get to see you again in person! Good luck on your newest adventure!

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