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Photography beginnings...

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

When I was in high school I wanted to be a writer. I was the editor of our high school literary publication and I wrote for my high school and college newspapers. I even took a children's literature course when I had *just* three tiny human beings with messy hands and even messier diapers. The dream waned as I struggled to keep up with assignments, sleepless nights, and, if I'm honest, showering! I decided it wasn't the season and that I would get back to it. Someday.

So, several years and many forks in the road later, this the fulfillment of my dream. I'm a photographer who now has a blog! And it's so much better than I imagined! The arrival of my fifth baby boy laid the foundation of what would become my photography business. I had a good camera, an adorably pudgy, blue-eyed baby to practice on and a few lessons from two good friends, Natalie Layton and Candis Layton. No, they're not related but each of them were photographers in their own right and graciously gave me insight into how to get my camera out of Auto mode and into a realm where I could create photographs that were on the professional end of the spectrum. And I'm so grateful!

It has been roughly seven years since my first paid shoot and it has been a wonderful adventure, filled with some highs and lows. I sometimes wondered if I was doing the right thing because I spent so much time away from my children. After a while, we fell into a rhythm and I found so much fulfillment in capturing those small moments in a family's progression that I couldn't quit! My children were, miraculously, doing great during those few hours without me each week. They found that sometimes Mom needs some time away to develop her own interests to be the kind of mom they needed.

So, this is me and my super handsome, boy (and man)-filled family! Besides being a photographer, I am an avid reader (light fiction, please!), wannabe gardener, beach-going adventurer, and chocolate-addicted mother and wife. And this is my blog. Please say hello if you stop by! I'm so excited to share this new part of my photography adventure with you and all of my amazing clients, who will be featured on my page!

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