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Just Peachy Guadalupe River Family Session

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Is there anything happier than kids splashing in a river? When Ashlen said she wanted to do her family session at the Guadalupe River I was so excited. It’s such a beautiful location and pictures near water are always so dreamy. A few days before the shoot I realized we’d have five kids under the age of seven at a river in their “picture” clothes! Normally, I would bring one of my older kids to keep things under control, but none of my “helpful” children were available. Thankfully, Ashlen was able to bring her niece. Crisis averted!

In the end, we all ended up in the river, a testament to what fun and adventurous parents Ashlen and Joey are. We slipped around on the rocks, stepping carefully, catching children in the midst of their fun. Rosie, the only girl in this adorable family, wanted to wade out to a rock for her pictures. Ty, the oldest boy couldn't get enough time in front of the camera. Others were a little less excited about a strange lady with a camera following them around, asking them to smile, but in the end, we all stayed relatively dry and their gallery is exactly as I pictured it!

River sessions are at the top of my favorite places to shoot. There's enough fun and adventure, coupled with gorgeous light and scenery, to end up with picture perfect memories. That's a trend I make it my job to continue!

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