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Magical Fairy Tale First Look and Wedding

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Some of the most beautiful light comes after the rain. On this sun-kissed evening in May, the clouds parted for the evening and the rain dissipated, leaving a lush, green backdrop for Rhoni and Bridger's First Look and Bridal Session.

First Looks are always a time for carefully orchestrated anticipation. When Rhoni arrived for their session, we had to carefully tuck her out of sight so that Bridger couldn't see her. There are always several sessions going on at the same time, so we were very excited to find that the beautiful column-lined porch of the Landa Library was available for this exciting moment! Bridger was calm but full of anticipation as I placed him facing away from his gorgeous bride. As Rhoni slowly moved toward him, the seconds stretched out as I captured his expression and hers. Finally, the moment came for Bridger to turn around and it couldn't have been more perfect. He took her in with his eyes and then enveloped her in his arms as words seemed to fail him and they embraced expressing their love with actions instead of words. It was a magical moment, and that magic continued to touch this session for the rest of the evening.

These two high school sweethearts are so very obviously in love that it wasn't difficult to capture the spark between them. They are very well matched in personality and are quick to make each other laugh. Being that they are both the babies of their families, they have laid back dispositions that made their wedding day a breeze.

Rhoni just recently graduated from college with a degree in business and Bridger is working in sales. They happened to be in San Antonio for the summer and decided an intimate backyard wedding with their family in attendance would be the perfect start to their journey together. They were surrounded by siblings, parents, and grandparents who were so happy for them and ready and eager to make this day perfect.

I stole a few moments with the bride and her mother and mother-in-law to be as they helped her into her wedding dress, making sure each detail was perfect. Bridger waited patiently with the rest of his family until everything was ready. As Rhoni walked down the aisle toward him, his eyes were full of love and only for her. As they said their vows, family members looked on in support and joy at the union of this beautiful couple. Eyes filled with tears and hugs of congratulations followed their first kiss as husband and wife.

It was such a privilege to capture this special day for you, Bridger and Rhoni! I wish you both all the joy and happiness marriage can bring. Always remember to focus on what you love about each other and you will grow in love. Congratulations!

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