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Morning Family Session at the San Antonio Temple

Sometimes taking family pictures in August in San Antonio is a daunting task because of the heat and humidity. Luckily, mornings tend to be a bit cooler and more manageable, so scheduling Tori and Matt's family session in the morning turned out to be a great choice. I always love spending time on the grounds of the San Antonio Temple so I was very excited when Tori chose that as their location.

Tori and Matt have six adorable children, and each of them were full of amazing manners. Each of them were excited to have their picture taken and worked so well with me as I found different locations for their individual shots. In fact, one of the youngest was so quiet and well-behaved, I overlooked taking his pictures and we had to run back to the temple to get his adorable images. I now have a system worked out so I don't overlook anyone! Mistakes can sometimes help you improve for the future - although I apologize to Tori for being the ones to help me learn that lesson!

There is a special feeling among Matt and Tori and their family. Everyone is helpful and seems to step up when they are needed. I only spent a short morning with them, but I could tell that this is a family that roots for each other and enjoys spending time together.

One of my favorite parts of taking a family's pictures is taking a moment with Mom and Dad because their relationship is so important. Sometimes, as parents, we focus so much on our children that we forget to nurture our relationship as husband and wife. I insist on taking a couple of pictures because that relationship is the basis of a strong family. Tori and Matt had some fun with their pictures and I loved the genuine smiles we captured!

Thank you, Tori and Matt for a fun morning at my favorite place! You have a beautiful family and I loved getting to know you all a little better!

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