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Morning Japanese Tea Garden Session

I’m so excited to share Katrina’s (Kat’s) gallery! It was such a beautiful morning and relatively less crowded than normal at the Japanese Tea Gardens. I met Kat, her mom and dad, and her cute dog for the first time and instantly knew this was going to be a fun session.

The first thing I noticed about Kat is that she is a go-getter! At only 17 she is already starting on her college career doing Pathways at Brigham Young University- online, of course! She loves to draw and has a special talent for Japanimation. As someone who can’t even draw a stick figure with finesse, I am always so grateful and impressed with those who have artistic abilities.

My favorite part of this session was the sweet bond I saw between Kat and her mom. I loved watching them switch out a necklace here, a scarf there, and even a shirt to make one outfit look like several. It was extremely impressive, and Kat was able to showcase her personality through it all. I love her style. She got quite a few compliments from passerby’s on those turquoise flats!

Kat has such effortless beauty and poise. She was so fun to work with and nailed every pose! Kat, you are a future leader and trend setter! I’m so excited to see what you accomplish, and I have no doubt you’ll do it with your own unique style!

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