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Pretty in Peach Family Photo Session

To say that I had a great time with the Heggie family is a complete understatement. I’ve laughed a lot at many sessions, but this one was pretty close to as fun as it gets. Steve and Katie’s kids felt so similar to my own, especially because they kept me entertained the whole time! However, the best moment of the whole session was when I had Steve and Katie look down for a moment. When I told them to look up, Steve took me literally, and their reaction was the most perfect shot of the evening! Being misunderstood sometimes has it’s advantages!

I’ve known Steve and Katie since they moved to San Antonio and, although we haven’t lived as close to them for a while, I always enjoy catching up with them. Katie and I used to play volleyball with a big group of ladies, but things have gotten busy in our lives over the years and we haven’t crossed paths like that for a while. I do enjoy bumping into her as I’m out and about at the grocery store every once in a while. Fortunately or unfortunately, I have a standing dentist appointment with Steve every six months. It’s always fun to catch up with him, even if it is under such circumstances!

The years go by quickly and I know how important it is to capture these special years with our kids. I'm so glad I got the opportunity to spend time with the Heggie's during these important teenage years to record these memories and snapshots in time. Steve and Katie, thanks for trusting me with this important job. You and your kids are awesome!

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