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Relaxed Hill Country Senior Session

You may be wondering if this is Shaun White's little brother, but you would be wrong! This awesome red-head is my next graduating senior! Chase is such a good young man and has always impressed me with how kind he is to everyone. I've watched him grow from a little kid into an adult, which blows my mind!

Chase is a member of the Dungeons and Dragons Club at his high school and loves to play it with his friends as well. He is the second young man I have taken senior pictures for who is into this game, and I know nothing about it! Maybe I need to do a little research so I can have an intelligent conversation about it with these seniors!

When Chase graduates, he will attend BYU- Idaho in the Fall where he would like to study to become a therapist or counselor. His mom says he is pretty quiet and doesn't talk much (unless it's a subject he loves, in which case he may talk your ear off) and it may make him a perfect fit for such a job since listening is probably a pretty important qualification for counseling!

Chase is pretty fun-loving and happy-go-lucky and loves hanging out with and playing with little kids. He's a young man in whom I would say there is no guile. His smile is genuine and he seems to be able to just relax, enjoy life, and not take himself too seriously! His mom also says he knows a lot of facts about obscure things, which tells me he's pretty observant as well.

I am so excited to see Chase's future and I know he'll do great things! Congratulations, Chase!

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