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Senior Hill Country Photoshoot With a Viola and a Good Book

I LOVED getting to know Jocelyn during her Senior session. Her step-mom shared a few things about her before our session and a line from Nacho Libre came to mind. “Everything that you just said is my favorite thing to do, everyday!”

But seriously, Jocelyn loves to crochet and she especially loves to read and she writes books and stories! I totally related to her because those are things I loved at her age and I still do.

Jocelyn is an excellent student and plays the viola and given her list of accomplishments, I’m certain she plays beautifully.

When Jocelyn attends BYU this fall, she plans to major in English. Her dream is to write a young adult book someday and I am looking forward to reading it.

Jocelyn is quiet and very sweet and it was such a pleasure to capture this important time in her life. I know you’ll accomplish great things, Jocelyn! Congratulations!

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