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Sibling Revelry Hill County Family Photo Shoot

Beautiful, temperate mornings in December are one of the perks to living in San Antonio. We found this secluded walking trail after the fiasco with the groundskeepers during my previous session, and it was just perfect for a family session with minimal interruptions.

The first thing I have to say is this is literally the coolest family! I kind of want to be their adopted aunt or something because they are seriously so fun! Not to mention I felt right at home with the kids and their playful sibling banter that sounded so much like my kids.

You may recognize Xavier from his senior portrait session back in October. I was so excited when Jennie contacted me to take their family pictures because meeting the rest of the family was a bonus! Their oldest son was home for a bit from his military assignment and it's always a great time to capture a session.

It was fun to watch the dynamics among the kids and I'm pretty sure you can tell by looking at the photos which brother might just be their daughter's favorite. I'm sure they're both awesome brothers, but, speaking from experience, sometimes it's easier to get along with the one who's not right next to you in age.

Kyle and Jennie, you have such a beautiful family and I had such a great time capturing this session for you. Your kids are all going places and it's a testament to what amazing parents you are!

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