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Simply Gorgeous San Antonio Family Session

When I think back on this evening, I cannot get over how perfect the weather was and how much I loved getting to know this family! Julia is absolutely gorgeous and on top of that, she is one of my mom heroes! I look up to her so much and am in awe of her strength and fortitude in rearing these four awesome kiddos!

I got a little glimpse into each of her children's personalities and they are each unique and fun! I can tell her daughter is as strong as her mom and I could see the special bond they have. I had the opportunity to take her Senior portraits as well (can't wait to share those on a later blog!) so I don't want to say too much, but she is a go-getter and a huge support to her mom. She also does not take a bad picture, so there's that. That beautiful golden hair makes me envious!

Her oldest son seriously made me laugh. He has a bit of a dry sense of humor. Usually I'm the one telling the jokes and trying to get people to laugh, but he turned the tables on me a little bit by playing on my gullibility. It's easy to do! I had to be on my toes because he got me a few times with his dead pan comments which I finally caught onto. I appreciate a kid who can make me laugh!

The next oldest was not super thrilled to be taking pictures, but that is not unusual. Luckily, his sister knew exactly how to get a real smile out of him. I honestly rarely know what's going on behind my when I'm taking pictures, but I'm thinking his sister had a trick or two up her sleeves because, suddenly, he was smiling! I acted quickly and I have to say, he sure has a great smile! After having taken my own children's pictures recently, I get that it's not everyone's favorite thing to do!

Now onto the youngest. Oh my, what a cutie! I recognize the sweetness and "hold-on-to-your-baby" feeling a youngest child can bring, and this handsome young man sure brings that to his family. He wanted to sit next to mom in the family picture, and who's going to say no to that? He looks pretty content so I'm thinking it was a good decision!

Julia, thank you so much for sharing your family with me for a short half an hour! They are all great kids and I am excited to see them grow! You are truly an amazing mom and a beautiful person, inside and out!

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