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Smooth Sailing Bullis County Park Senior Session

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Most of the Seniors I meet have a general idea of the career they are interested in, but very few know exactly what they want to be. Brady is one of the few who knows what he wants to be and has a plan to make it happen. Brady has been accepted into the Texas A&M Galveston Maritime Academy to one day become a ship's captain. He isn't as concerned about what type of ship he will steer, just as long as he's at the helm!

Brady is a Senior at Johnson High School and has been very busy as a member of the Johnson High School Varsity Football. Texas football requires hours and hours of hard work and dedication and it is obvious that Brady is a young man who knows how to put in the work and do his best. Brady also worked hard off of the field, graduating Magna Cum Laude and becoming an Honorary Member of the All Academic Team.

As I got to know Brady during his session, I noticed that he is very soft spoken and easy-going. He's not one to brag or seek attention, he just quietly puts forth hard work and effort and is recognized for what he does. Brady also has impressive manners and has such respect and deference for his mom. This is a trait that I truly respect and appreciate!

Brady is a very impressive young man with a bright future. Perhaps you'll see him on a cruise one day, or maybe he will be at the helm of a gigantic freighter. Either way, he is on course to achieve his dream. Congratulations, Brady!



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