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Soccer and Science Senior Session at The Pearl

It was a gorgeous evening at The Pearl for Luke's Senior session and he was definitely ready to go! He is the second Great Heart's graduate I have photographed who also happens to play soccer. Soccer is a huge part of Luke's life as he has played both club and school soccer as well as refereeing soccer since he was twelve years old! I'm sure his laid back demeanor has been helpful as refereeing anything can put you in the hot seat!

Luke has many talents and interests, one of which includes playing the acoustic and base guitar. Studies have shown that students who play a musical instrument tend to score higher in math, English and science. Luke is proof of that study, as he is extremely intelligent and has been accepted to Texas A&M where he will study Applied Mathematics with a Computer Science Minor! He will have a lot on his plate when he gets to college, but he has definitely shown that he is up to the challenge.

On top of everything that he does, Luke is an active member of his church and was awarded the National Latin Award, showing that his talents extend beyond math and science to languages. I think it is safe to say that Luke is willing to work hard and be dedicated to accomplish his goals! Congratulations, Luke!

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