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Stylin' Brother Photography Session at the JW Marriott

These brothers are some of my favorite kids besides my own! They are good buddies with my own boys and whenever they come over I am always impressed with their manners. They have been such awesome friends for the past four years and I'm so grateful to have them in our lives!

I was so excited to take their pictures, which came about because the middle school asked us to submit our own pictures for the yearbook this year. Yet another byproduct of Covid, but luckily it's right down my alley. We had fun showing off their individual personalities and laughing quite a bit!

These boys excel at everything they put their minds to. Each of them have been in band and they are super dedicated. They are also great athletes. The oldest has been playing football for the past several years and the youngest has been playing basketball and they both do a great job!

They also have a pretty fantastic mom! She is truly a part of my tribe and has been such a lifesaver in so many ways. I'm not sure how anyone raises kids without a few other moms who help with carpooling and provide another house where your kids can go and learn and grow as they become adults! It actually does take a village!

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