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Sunflower-Filled Texas Wedding

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

The Texas skies have been saturating the Hill Country for more than a month, and things were no different on this Saturday in May. Just before Marti and Jeff's wedding vows were to be exchanged, the rains departed and gave them a few precious hours of reprieve for their long-anticipated wedding day.

This wedding was special in many ways, but one way it stands apart from others is that Marti and Jeff were childhood sweethearts and each was the other's first kiss. The memories they share was evident in their vows, dance, and the many beautiful moments of this day.

As Marti stepped carefully from the car onto the white tulle pathway lined with buckets of sunshine-yellow sunflowers, she gently took her dad's arm. They made their way slowly down the path where Marti took Jeff's waiting hand as they exchanged joyful smiles. Once they were standing face-to-face, the onlookers melted away and they only had eyes and words for each other. As they exchanged vows, they smiled knowingly and lovingly into each other's eyes and after exchanging their wedding rings and embracing with their first kiss as husband and wife, the stress of the preparation and planning melted away.

Then the Texas party began! In the Texas Hill Country, music, Bar-B-Que, and family and friends are a way of life and Jeff and Marti's "I Do BBQ" were as Texas as Bluebonnets and Purple Sage. They started the evening off with their first dance as husband and wife and afterwards the family picture-taking began. Jeff has several siblings and they were all on-hand for a lot of good, old-fashioned sibling heckling as they posed for pictures.

Once the family had fulfilled their picture duties, Jeff and Marti and I (and a very helpful young man named Wyatt who became my self-appointed helper, thank goodness!) took some time with just the two of them to capture this beautiful first day of their marriage. We dodged a lot of saturated ground and found a newly-formed waterfall, all while Marti was able to navigate in her beautiful white dress and high-heeled shoes. She is definitely a Texan who can handle a little mud on her wedding day and keep a smile the entire time!

Marti and Jeff are a laid-back and easy-going couple who very obviously adore each other. Their wedding was simple, but beautiful and filled with loving family and friends who cheered them on and I'm sure will continue to do so throughout their lives.

Marti and Jeff, I am so excited for you and your future together! Thank you for the opportunity to capture this special day for you. Congratulations!

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