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True Texas Hill Country Family Session

Whenever I meet someone with more kids than me, I literally want to shake their hand and give them several awards. Parenting is hard. Lots of kids are hard. Once kid is hard. Adam and Erin are getting a virtual fist bump from this tired mom of five.

Each one of these kiddos has such a unique and fun personality. That was apparent from the start of our session. A few ran right up, ready for their turn, and others were a little more reluctant to look at the camera. Some wanted to make up their own poses and some wanted to be done as soon as possible! Every single one was so respectful as polite as can be!

I wish I had taken notes during this session because Adam and Erin are such chill parents. I was lot less stressed as a parent by the time number five came along, but I feel like these two have probably been cool parents since day one!

One thing is for sure, this family is pretty much a party wherever they go. There was so much fun going on behind the scenes as I was snapping individual pictures of each child. The older kids were helping the younger kids and younger kids were entertaining all of us!

Adam and Erin, you are awesome. I think that’s the only way to describe you. Thank you for letting me capture your amazing family!

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