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Twin Time Senior Session at The Guadalupe State Park

I am a huge fan of taking senior pictures because I love this phase of life. And what’s more fun than one senior? Two! These twins were a blast to photograph. It was fun to see their similarities and differences as we interacted and had a fun morning together.

Paige and Caroline are both extremely hard working, intelligent, and athletic. They were both varsity swimmers at Reagan High School and both were very involved at their school.

Caroline was the National Honor Society President and Paige was a Science National Honor Society Officer. They will each use the skills they learned in these positions as they head to two different universities to work toward their careers.

Paige will be attending Baylor University in Waco to study nursing. Caroline will attend UT Austin to study government. As one who just met the two of them, I can see how their personalities will each help them in their chosen fields of study.

Something I loved learning about these two and their family is that they love to travel. We had a long discussion about their trip to Italy last year and I took copious mental notes. Caroline loved the art museums there and told me all about the beauty of Florence!

A goal that they just completed as a family was to visit all the state parks in Texas. Just to give you an idea of what that might take to accomplish, there are 89 Texas State Parks! This is one reason they chose the Guadalupe State Park as the location for their pictures. The last state park they visited required a little bit more work than most. Devil's River State Natural Area can only be accessed with vehicles with special tires and a lot of specialized equipment. The challenges in visiting this park would have been enough for many people to throw in the towel, but thanks to their hard-working and goal-oriented mom, they were able to complete their goal recently.

I think they get a little of their tenacity from their mom. She says she is excited to see them embrace the challenges and experiences in college!

It was such a pleasure to meet these two and I wish them both the best of luck and success in their future!

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