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Baby Blue Springtime San Antonio Wedding

The sun was glistening off the San Antonio temple on this gorgeous day in March as Haley and Andy emerged from just being sealed as husband and wife. Family and friends gathered around to offer congratulations and well-wishes to this beautiful couple.

I met the two of them briefly, just a short time before their wedding. It was easy to see right off the bat that the two of them were incredibly in love and ready to start their journey in life together. Haley and Andy met at the Institute of Religion for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (That’s a mouthful but it’s basically a building where religion classes are taught to college students). Haley was conducting a meeting as she had been called to be the Institute Student President. Andy walked in to the meeting late and Haley was immediately interested. It took a while for Andy to catch on and, only after trying to get his best friend to ask her out, did he realize he should ask her out. It didn’t take too long after that for the two of them to realize they were truly in love and ready to take that next step...marriage! Haley and Andy were such a joy to photograph on their wedding day. They are reserved, but also a ton of fun! The speeches at their weddings by the best man and maid of honor attest to what amazing individuals they are, and what an equally amazing couple they make.

It was my sincere pleasure to capture this gorgeous day for them. I know they have many wonderful experiences awaiting them. Congratulations, Haley and Andy!

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