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Urban Vibe Senior Photoshoot at The Pearl

I would say it’s Senior Friday, but I don’t actually have a particular day of the week I post about these awesome graduating seniors!

I know I say this about almost all of my seniors, but I’ve known this amazing young woman since she was four or five years old! That may be a record but who’s counting?!

Karleen is driven and hard-working and on her way to graduation with confidence and intelligence that will take her wherever she chooses to go!

For the past three years, Karleen has been in the Smithson Valley Color Guard with the band, performing at the Alamodome for a prestigious competition, Bands of America. Color Guard, in and of itself, requires hours and hours of practice. On top of all of that hard work, Karleen was also in the Flag and Rifle line and a member of the Varsity Winter guard as well. She earned her letter which was well-deserved through all of her hard work.

Karleen is academically minded and has enjoyed many classes in school including applied engineering, forensic science, psychology and math! She’ll attend two years of local college and is currently interested in studying engineering with an emphasis in aeronautics. After her associate degree, she'll move to a four-year-college to finish her studies.

Karleen is obviously very talented and dedicated in her academic pursuits, but she also takes time to develop other talents at home. Karleen is musically inclined and plays the guitar for herself and shares her music with friends. I taught her piano lessons for a short time when she was very little!

One thing that has always impressed me about Karleen is that she always has a smile on her face. She is kind and friendly and easy to approach because of her laid-back and easy-going personality. Her personality combined with her work ethic and determination will definitely take her far in life.

Congratulations, Karleen!

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