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A Handful of Joy - Texas Family Portrait Session

If this isn't a stop your scroll session, I don't know what is! This family is near and dear to my heart and taking their pictures was an absolute dream!

First off, Darleen is an amazingly talented dancer. I'm sure it's not hard to believe since we all don't have gorgeous legs like her. This past February, she and her husband, Patrick, were kind enough to teach a huge group of people at our church how to do some fun line dances and a couples dance. That required a ton of patience and Darleen was the picture of patience through the whole thing. It was definitely a highlight of my year.

Patrick and Darleen are the kindest parents and their boys are such sweet kids. The boys are a little shy but something tells me that when they are at home, they have a little bit bigger personalities. They are inquisitive and energetic and my son loves to meet them at the park and run all his energy out with them. I also happened to know that they are kind and generous. These past few weeks before Christmas, I've loved hearing about their special acts of service, like taking cookies to neighbors and showing gratitude for their family with sweet words of love. Kind of makes a momma's heart full. I'm taking a guess that she loves that full head of curls and those big brown eyes to look at every day!

I love watching dads interact with their kids, and I can tell Patrick and the boys have a lot of fun together. From experience, I know little boys love lots of horse play and wrestling with their dads, and I'm sure there is plenty of that to be had at their house.

The boys thought it was so fun to run up behind Patrick and Darleen to scare them. There's nothing like feeling like you're sneaking up on your parents to bring a genuine smile. Mom and Dad played it off pretty cool, but I bet they were so surprised (wink-wink)!

Patrick and Darleen, this was honestly such a fun session and I could not love how your session turned out more! Thank you for being willing to do all the things and bringing the fun!

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