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Aim High and Achieve Senior Session

It isn't very often that I'm not sure where to start when introducing one of my amazing seniors, but this is just one of those occasions! If I tried to share the entire list of CJ's achievements, this would be a book, rather than a blog! It is obvious that he has always set high and impressive goals for himself, and then put in the hard work, focus, and sweat to achieve his goals.

CJ is a graduating Senior at Johnson High School and will definitely leave a legacy behind him. In his Freshman and Sophomore years, CJ was a member of the Junior Varsity Track team. During all four years of high school, he was on the Varsity Wrestling team and the Freshman, JV, and Varsity football teams, serving as captain of the Wrestling team as a Junior and Senior, and captain of the Wrestling team as a Senior. During these years, he was was a member of the 2022 All-Star Texas Football team, took third place (IN TEXAS) in the State Wrestling Tournament, earned his Eagle Scout, and was awarded many Academic and Althletic honors. His senior year isn't over yet, and I know he still has many more goals in mind! Are you keeping up with me?

CJ has been a huge contributor to his community by volunteering many hours as an Assistant Coach at sports camps and with youth teams and helping to better his neighborhood and city by volunteering to make beds, mow lawns, and bring cheer to children with cancer. He has, by all accounts, been engaged in a good cause. He has also served the youth of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints as a member of a youth council that plans activities for 300+ youth over the course of a year and as a leader in a Pioneer Trek, mentoring younger youth in his group as they pushed handcarts for 25-30 miles.

During his session, it was fun to learn about what CJ plans to do in the future. His most immediate goal is to take first in the Texas State Wrestling Tournament. He is laser focused on that goal, but has also applied to many military academies to pursue his college education. His top two preferences are the US Air Force Academy or the US Coast Guard Academy, the latter to which he has already received an appointment.

Even with so many accomplishments and goals, CJ has an easy-going personality and takes time to relax and laugh. This trait will give him the necessary balance to continue to dream big and work hard in the future. I am excited to see CJ continue to grow and climb the mountains that are waiting for him. Great job, CJ and keep aiming high!

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